School for AC⌁DC+

The inaugural School for AC⌁DC+ Summer Assembly - February 21-28 2025 at the Autoluminescence Institute
can be found online and in situ at 42°58'35.2"S 147°19'39.6"E (via an EOI).
Our community is focused on experiential acts of making, sharing, caretaking and trading. We seek to raise awareness around literacies for –sensing | feeling | reading | writing | moving – which occur in varigated frameworks, contexts, and processes. Currently we are troubled by the heavy reliance on "Big Tech" infrastructure and the ecological, corporeal, transcendental costs associated with these dependencies and uninformed consent strategies.

In the lead up to the ⌁assembly⌁ a series of informal introductory Digital Caretaking TALKS with guests every second Tuesday in 2024 are offered from 9 July at 17hrs AEST 2024 (online) to gain fluency around content.

The School for AC⌁DC+ explores around a variety of propositions, such as:

If you would like to join us at the School for AC⌁DC+ Summer Assembly, February 21-28, 2025, we accept EOIs until 09 December 2024. Info will be available in due course. In the meantime, save the dates \0/.
We are currently working on detailed information and shoring up our self-hosted infrastructure, including an announce Email list .

Autoluminescence Institute (AI), the mothership for the School for AC⌁DC+, on kindred Fediverse, communities-run social media networks. Such as a modified Mastodon instance: and/or collapsible systems.

Watch out for further announcements via this EMAIL LIST and _socialz_ InstaGram.

The School for AC⌁DC+ forms network faerie circuits (aka web rings) with local and international peoples and intermediaries. One example of this is the foundation code for this site is attributed to the magi (Manetta Berends, Joseph Knierzinger, Michael_Murtaugh of kindred school XPUB. Our mothership locus rests in Bonnet Hill above Tyenna Beach, formerly known as Promenalinah; in this site, the mountain freshwater flows into the entrance of the river to nipaluna/Hobart and to timtumili minanya Sea Country of Muwinina the South East people, also recorded as Mouhenneener. We acknowledge the devastating truth that they did not survive the invasion of colonisation. We recognise and respect the Indigenous custodians for the realm of Lutruwita/Tasmania, whose presence has endured since the first sunrise and where trade and ceremony have connected kin since time immemorial.

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